• Dave S.
    I've been with FastFreight now 5 years. In that time they've grown quickly, from just 5 units to well over 30. And in that time they've never lost sight of who make the business grow - the drivers. They have always listened to my concerns and been fair in their decisions. Miles are consistent and pay is above average for the area. Hometime is a priority here.
    Dave S.
    FFX Driver since 2013
  • Neal H.
    It's nice to work for a company that views me as an asset. This is a family oriented company that recognizes we work to build a life.  In last five years I've been blessed with 3 grandchildren and been granted unplanned leave to be with them with no hassle whatsoever. The grass is only greener where you water it.  This company provides you good equipment, talented dispatchers, maintenance support and driving opportunities.  I'm rewarded commensurately with the effort I put forth. I look forward to going to work.  I enjoy the people I work with, and the people I meet.
    Neal H.
    FFX Driver since 2012
  • Nick Y.
    I've been driving for over ten years.   FastFreight Expeditors is by far the best outfit I've ever worked for.  Dispatch does a good job of keeping me moving, and if I have a doctor's appointment or a family emergency, they always work hard to get me home on time.  Plus the health benefits and pay are well above the industry average.
    Nick Y.
    FFX Driver since 2012
  • Robert H.
    I have been with FastFreight for five and a half years. It's a family oriented company - they really care about their drivers. The equipment is top notch. Your off weekends unless you want to run, then they try to find you work. I have worked for many other companies but FFX is by far the best I have worked for.
    Robert H.
    FFX Driver since 2011
  • Bob C.
    Here at FFX, you're not just a number. They actually know your name and you're part of a team that is driver friendly.
    Bob C.
    FFX Driver since 2016


One of FFX’s core values is to think safety first and foremost.

We believe that the process to becoming a safe, professional driver at FFX starts during your orientation, but that it never ends. Constant focus on this core value means that the education on how to become a safer company does not stop for any of our employees.

Here at FFX we realize the true heart and soul of our company is within our professional workforce that services our customers at a level they cannot find anywhere else!


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