Upon your employment at FFX we will bring you in to have a set of orientation days, paid $150/day, while you’re at our terminal learning the FFX way! This orientation will also pay huge dividends down the line during your career at FFX!

Drivers coming from out of town will be put up in a company paid for hotel during your stay for orientation!

During this Orientation you will learn the ins and outs about what it takes to be an FFX employee and the values we hold. Additionally after learning the safety and operational procedures you’ll learn from your driver manager and fellow driver, will set you up for prolonged success at FFX!

Bring your CDL Driver’s license and copy of direct deposit check (as needed)! We will handle the rest!

Day 1

Office Orientation

During your first day with FFX you will learn about our safety and operational procedures, and complete all necessary paperwork. After which you would be introduced to the FFX team that will be available to help you day in and day out. You will complete any necessary payroll forms with our payroll department and get enrolled in the FFX Pay Portal for instant access to company news and your weekly payroll information. Afterwards our administrative staff will brief you on the paperwork you will be responsible for and get you sized up for uniforms. Finally you meet your driver manager and review the expectations you both have during your career at FFX!

Day 2

Field Training

You will spend a day in the field with one of our tenured FFX drivers. The hands on training they offer on our procedures, your skillsets, and how to potentially grow as a driver will ensure your continued success with FFX. Upon completion of this day you will meet with the Safety Coordinator and your Driver Manager to give feedback, assess the day, and have an open dialogue on your first experience in an FFX Truck!

Day 3

Field Training

Your third day will be your second day out in the field training. The purpose of this second field training day is to give you the ability to get back out in the field and practive any points you’ve had with your trainer, your safety coordinator, or your driver manager may have discussed from the previous orientation day. This opportunity to give you the time available to feel at home with our equipment, the day to day ins and outs, and get comfortable with some locations you will find yourself drop-and-hooking at quite frequently. Upon passing your field training, your driving trainer will provide you with a certification stating you have passed and are ready for the big road! You now will get your own fuel and access cards to our facilities, as well as getting your assigned truck!


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